An Exciting Education Benchmark

Fairview sets the stage for a new wave of educational standards

Fairview International School’s Mock-Class Weekend held recently, brought a fresh new take on education for Ipoh parents where they had the chance of experiencing for themselves how their children’s ability to learn can be dramatically transformed given the right approaches.

For the two days, mock classes were conducted for levels from Crèche to Grade 6 (ages 3 to 11 inclusive) at their Enrolment Office. Globally certified teachers from other established Fairview campuses in Malaysia were present to share the significance of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes’ unique features that unravels the thinking mind.

While the kids were absorbed in the learning for close to an hour, parents were enlightened on Fairview ethos and the widely accepted IB programme, which all other Fairview campuses throughout the country have been certified for by the IBO.

Crèche-level kids easily identified the concept of numbers and grasped the basic principles of addition through play. When the ball was tossed, kids would instinctively catch and in this process learn to count. Something else was happening at the same time – kids were subtly enhancing their motor coordination skills, linking action to cognitive senses and then associating movement with subliminal learning.

The older primary-level kids had their share of fun in a separate classroom. They were going through their multiplication tables but with a big difference. Kids related their multiplications to the ‘real world’ and quickly discovered for themselves the usefulness of what they were learning.

In a reality they could relate to, the children were asked to organise a plan for their own birthday parties. Putting up their own guest list, kids were able to work out the required budget to make it a smashing success. In the process, the students decided for themselves what was required, what quantities they needed and how much it would cost in total.

The central defining backbone of an IB child is the world-famous Learner Profile. In a space of a little under an hour, these young kids embraced at least a few of the 10 attributes. Notably each of the children espoused the values of being inquisitive (ability to question), communicative (to understand and be understood), reflective (to be insightful), thoughtful (to think things through) and the willingness to take risks (in order to explore and discover).

Quite possibly the best part of the weekend was when the kids took turns to stage their presentations. If ever there was compelling evidence of their manner of learning, this was the decisive moment. In the presence of their parents, these kids spoke about their own plans for their birthday parties. They not only demonstrated how they did their calculations but rationalised them too.

Much to the surprise of their parents, these kids basically defined the cutting edge of the IB methodology, laying proof that their potential can now be easily tapped and wonderfully maximised. As the kids were successful in showcasing their capabilities, the parents were equally overwhelmed by the outcome.

Fairview International School’s Ipoh Campus is scheduled to commence classes on August 4. For more information on the next mock class, contact Michele Lum at or call 05 313 6887 during office hours. Alternatively visit the school’s website at or come for a chat at the Enrolment Office at 32B Jalan Lapangan Suria, Medan Lapangan Suria, 31350 Ipoh.

Khen Lim

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