“Kindness Spreads Everywhere”

Groups of members from Taekwondo Association of Kinta District spent their holidays doing charity. The theme is “Kindness spreads everywhere”. It was co-organised by Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy, Success Taekwondo Academy and Century Taekwondo Academy. Using a bus and almost ten cars, around 80 members including the instructors and students were led by Mr Chong Seek Chi organising chairman and director of the Educational Department in Taekwondo Association of Kinta District.

The consultant of Taekwondo Association of Kinta District, Mr Low Guo Nan threw himself into this activity as well. Daily items amounting to a total of RM7576 which was raised was shared among nine charitable organizations.

The president of Taekwondo Association of Kinta District, Mr Khoo Bu Leong said that this charity work is held annually to benefit the less fortunate and the needy. Mr Khoo said, “the kindness of parents and students were shown through their eager participation. Our students were so kind that they were willing to communicate happily with the old folks or disabled.”

Chan Ze Yu

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