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Sepaloh Art Centre

Founders of Sepaloh Art Centre, Pojoo Sim and Peggy Lim, opened doors to their first exhibition titled ‘Faces of Ipoh’ on April 27. All photographs exhibited in Faces of Ipoh are by Chong See Yau of Valpixels photography and Jeremy Choy of rice | photo.

The exhibition is about the people of Ipoh itself, more than a hundred of them, opening up about their lifestyles, dreams and aspirations. Despite coming from multiple walks of life, beliefs and age groups, a common theme among them is their love and hopes for Ipoh. You can see all kinds of people with different backgrounds. It is not surprising to find familiar faces as you stroll along the halls.

This exhibition gives the people of Ipoh a chance to voice their thoughts and express the changes they would like to see in Ipoh in the years to come. This exhibition was open throughout the whole month of May.

Sepaloh Art Centre is located two doors away from Lim Kopi.

Sepaloh Art Centre
16 Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh.
Tel:  016 205 5020


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