They Were Being Sexist

The woeful disregard for women reared its ugly head during a campaign rally at the recently concluded Teluk Intan by-election.

The predominantly male crowd which gathered at the venue was captivated by Dyana’s physical appearance so much so that most of the speeches for the night were centered on Dyana’s beauty, which were meant to ridicule her.

This whole issue points to another discriminating attack on women. Why is it, in a supposedly advanced society like ours, men seem to have only one notion of women? Is it due to their ignorance or is it just pure male chauvinism? Do these men read, or keep in touch with progress achieved by women? Or are they still living in caves? Was it arrogance or immaturity which contributed to their behaviour during the rally?

Based on information received, most of these men were actually ‘little boys’ who were still wet behind their ears. The presence of a woman, who was young, confident, courageous and educated, was too difficult a thing to accept. These ‘little boys’ probably had never met a lady of such stature, so they behaved in the only way they knew.

There were grown men at the rally who did not know how to behave. Grown men who did not know how to respect women. They live in a world where they believe that women are inferior to them. They were just being sexist.

The presence of a truly courageous and confident woman was a situation they cannot comprehend and hence, behaved the way they did.

Regardless of what was said and done at the rally, it is the beginning of a bright future for a courageous and intelligent young woman. Carry on in your path, revel on the title bestowed upon you, ‘Princess Dyana’.

Winning the by-election has nothing to do with the fairer sex or the stronger sex but has much to do with improving people’s livelihood.

Sumathi Sivamany
Vice President
Perak Women for Women Society
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