Improved information system at Medan Kidd Bus Station

Thumbs Up

By A. Jeyaraj

Recently, I was at the Medan Kidd Bus Station and found that their information system for passengers has improved greatly. The departures of the buses are announced through a loudhailer. Previously, the bus conductor stands at the entrance of the bus and calls the passengers who have to be nearby to hear his call.

There are route maps of buses going to each destination. There are also notices showing the major places through which the bus goes. There are big banners in front of the counters. While I was walking along, staff from the bus companies asked where I wanted to go. This is a good gesture.

However, the place looks rundown. Only about half of the building is being used and the other half is not maintained. There are a number of advertisements for vacancies for bus drivers. Since there is a demand for bus drivers, a training centre must be opened to train local bus drivers and also drivers for other heavy vehicles. By providing proper training the number of bus accidents could be reduced.

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