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Iced Manual Drip Coffee at Happy 8 Café

Always ever ready for new taste experiences, sampling the Iced Manual Drip Coffee at the Happy 8 Cafe in Market St. Old Town was a first for me. It is made by allowing ice to melt and drip onto freshly ground coffee beans over a period of eight hours. The resultant coffee (and it is served cold) is absolutely heavenly. Apparently an innovation from Taiwan, this is the creation of Jessica Tan who concocts the mixture of different types of coffee beans, roasts and grinds them herself, and produces the coffee at home for serving in the Happy 8 Cafe. As it is such a long and drawn out process and the resultant coffee is in limited supply, the cafe often sells out of this, their signature special, very early in the day. But other coffees are available, from the fragrant Vietnamese drip coffee to the other special blends made by Jessica. While the price of RM19.80 might seem high, it is worth every drop and every sip of this ambrosial brew.

Coming soon at the Happy 8 Cafe will be ‘Coffee Ceremonies’ an elaborate ritual of coffee tastings using different gadgets, machines and coffee drips to produce a good cuppa. It is amazing how the taste changes with the exact same mix of beans on the acidity levels of different beans and how the different modes of brewing result in different taste. Watch this space.

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