Is PosLaju Up to Scratch?

One does not enjoy writing to a newspaper regarding the exasperating experience of dealing with a government-linked company. Unfortunately, it is the only way I feel I might actually get somewhere.

On Monday, May 5, I paid PosLaju RM356 to deliver a parcel from Ipoh to Vence, in Southern France. Twenty two days later the parcel was returned to Ipoh, having only got as far as Paris (600km north of Vence). How it ended in Paris, or how long it stayed there, I do not know. But I know it did not get to Vence.

As if that is not bad enough, I am now informed by PosLaju that I am to pay another RM356 to get my parcel back!

This is ridiculous. Yet those I have been dealing with at PosLaju, from counter to management staff, think it is perfectly reasonable. They are adamant that if I do not pay PosLaju another RM356 they would “destroy” my parcel.

Surely, when PosLaju took my money and accepted my parcel for delivery to Vence, we had entered into a contract; a contract, through no fault of mine, it has failed to fulfil.

Would I experience the same had I used UPS or Fedex? If PosLaju is not up to the job then they should not have taken my money. And they most certainly should not have the effrontery to ask for more money because of their failures.

Yvonne Young

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