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Once Filled With Stagnant Water, Now With Flower-Beds

Dataran MBI Ipoh

The Dataran MBI, located in the ‘front yard’ of the Ipoh City Council complex, has been given a minor facelift with colourful shrubs and flower plants.

Syabas, City Council. The quick response. to our concerns that the Dataran was fast becoming a potential mosquitoes’ breeding ground, is very encouraging. This shows the City Council is listening to our feedbacks on problems existing in the city. This will also inspire us to work more closely with the City Council, not to criticise but to give feedback so that together we can make the city clean and beautiful.

We had through our My Say column on March 16, 2014, urged the council’s health department to look at the bases of the six ornamental concrete units, once filled with plants and cascading water, and then were filled with 5cm deep of brownish stagnant water and litter thrown by passers-by and patrons of the night eating stalls at the fringe of the Dataran.

They were in plain sight of hundreds of people walking across the Dataran between the City Council and the Greentown Business Centre daily. Many could be observed looking into the pools of stagnant water, which were emitting a stench, with disgust.

We hope that other neglected beautification sites in the city will likewise be given appropriate facelifts. Among them are the fountains at the round-about in front of the Menteri Besar’s residence and along Jalan C.M. Yusuff.

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