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A Nonya Affair

‘A Nyonya Affair’ - paintings by Sherin NgA solo Peranakan-themed exhibition, was held recently at the Sepaloh Art Centre. Themed ‘A Nyonya Affair’ the paintings were by Sherin Ng, an Ipoh-born artist who used to have a shop in Canning Garden but is now based in Kuala Lumpur.

Sherin, who is a self-taught watercolour and acrylic artist, has a passion for Batik and Peranakan culture, thanks to her grandmother’s influence. She used to be surrounded by her grandmother’s beautiful fabric and embroidered lacework which bonded the two of them.

Sherin’s art is based on childhood memories and experiences and using her imagination, she explores a variety of media for her expression. Sherin uses wax to complement her paintings, lending a distinctive Batik feel while accentuating the rich heritage of the culture.

With endless support from her husband, Sherin picked up painting at age 43, taking 4 years to complete 32 beautiful art pieces which exhibited at the Sepaloh Art Centre, Ipoh. Every piece of artwork is very detailed. From certain angles, the 3D effect is very evident. By observing them, one can see how much time and concentration she has committed to each of the paintings.

The displayed artworks were not for sale. However, selected artworks such as postcards by Sherin were for sale.


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