A Fee for Picking Rubbish?

Sometime ago Ipoh City Council’s staff came on their rubbish-pick-up rounds in my housing estate after being missing-in-action for a good two months. Obviously, the rubbish collection area was not a sight to behold with filth spilling all over the place.

One of the team members approached my house and asked my mother for some water. My mother brought two 500ml mineral water bottles for the team’s consumption. Little did she expect the response from him.

“Bukan ini air lah, ini air lah” rubbing the tip of his index finger with that of his thumb indicating the dollar sign. The lady was taken aback. Being someone who was against corruption, she ignored his demand.

“Macam ini, lain kali kita tak mahu ambil sampah dari ‘you’ punya rumah lah”, said the guy. Were they there to collect rubbish or money?

It was a sad day, indeed. And it took place just before Malaysia Day. What happened to the time when Malaysians woke up with this thought in mind, “I work for the betterment of the nation.”

We have progressed as a nation. However, the moral values of some have degenerated for the worse.

Soccer Whizkid

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