Book Launch (24 Jan 2015)

The book entitled, “Ripples”, authored by Betty Ong will be launched on Saturday, January 24 at 4pm at Symphony Suites Hotel, Ipoh. The event is organised by Perak Academy and will be officiated by philanthropist, Mr Koon Yew Yin.

Ipoh-born Betty Ong is a registered councillor with a nursing background. She also specialises in substance misuse (drug/alcohol). Her last workplace was at Central North West London NHS Trust, UK. During her career in mental health and independent practice she was exposed to a full spectrum of human capability, both positive and destructive.

Betty’s book “Ripples” stems from the vast distress she saw in society and people’s reluctance in seeking help. They would choose to wallow in the fragmentation of mental health and when fatality sets in, would wonder why.

The book attempts to explain what mental health is all about in relation to personal moral qualities and how these are integrated in our everyday life practices. It lays bare the pervading stigma and argues that a new pragmatism is required. To this end, seeking-help must be accepted as a norm.

The 150-page softcover is priced at RM30 a piece but will be sold at a discount during the launch.

For details and reservations call Wai Kheng at 05-2413742 or 016-5518172.

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