Tenby’s Inaugural Music Festival

It was a weekend of music and celebration for Tenby Schools, which had its inaugural music festival in Ipoh recently. Hosted by Tenby Schools Ipoh, the event saw over 130 students from all five Tenby Schools across Malaysia converging and collaborating on various musical projects, workshops and performances for the festival.

One of the highlights was the ‘Tenby’s Got Talent’ competition, which showcased the musical talents of Tenby students – from playing the harp to acoustic singing. Another highlight was when the five schools sang the “Green, Green World” song as a group for the first time. Renowned Broadway and Disney composer, Alan Menken, wrote the song exclusively, as one of the Green World Campaign theme songs.

The festival programme also included a Tenby School Song Competition where students were asked to compose both the lyrics and the music for a song dedicated to the founding principles of Tenby Schools: ‘A United World At Peace – Through Education’.

The Music Festival weekend ended with a tree-planting ceremony by the leaders and students of Tenby Schools Malaysia to commemorate Tenby’s involvement with the Green World Campaign and its mission to re-green our world.

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Yin Fong

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