Encouraging Bumis to Own Property

An official signing ceremony for the purchase of office lots within the Jelapang Square took place recently. The parties involved were Koperasi Perak, representing six Malay-based cooperatives in Perak, and Team Keris Berhad (TKB), Perak’s premier property developer. The reason was  to provide the bumiputera community an opportunity to invest and to own properties in a commercially viable part of Ipoh.

Dato’ Mohd Nizar Zakaria, Executive Councillor for Islamic Education, Personality Development, Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, who signed on behalf of Koperasi Perak, said the initiative by Team Keris Berhad in increasing property ownership among bumiputeras helps in perfecting the socio-economic imbalance between Malays and non-Malays in the state.

“Today marks an auspicious day in Perak when six Koperasi Perak’s members signed a sales and purchase agreement with TKB for the purchase of shop lots in Jelapang Square,” said Nizar. “The purchase of these properties, would enhance the cooperative group’s assets and provide sustainable income to the group”.

“The signing of the agreement by the six cooperatives is indicative of their faith and foresight in investing in properties that will provide good returns on investment,” he added after witnessing the signing ceremony by the two parties.

The six cooperatives involved were Koperasi Dato’ Hj Abu Bakar Kinta Berhad, Koperasi Usahanita Perak Berhad, Koperasi Gayong Warisan Perak Berhad; Koperasi Permodalan Pesara Pendidikan Negeri Perak Berhad, Koperasi Perkim Perak Berhad and Koperasi Keluarga Anjang Budiman Taiping Berhad.

Team Keris Berhad Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Lee Seng Hee, in response, said that the Jelapang Square project was his team’s sincere effort in reaching out to the bumiputera community.

“It’s our dream to see ownership of properties reaching all levels of buyers, regardless of age and creed. And in doing so, TKB is offering discounts of up to 21 per cent to the bumiputera community,” he announced.

Construction at Jelapang Square is presently about 80 per cent completed. The whole project is scheduled to finish in June 2016. The two and three-storey buildings, worth RM678,980 and above, are located in Jelapang and Meru. “With a population catchment of 231,000, it provides opportunities for a high rental yield,” Lee proclaimed.


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