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Social Media Not The Key to Success

‘I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp to my name. I prefer to study by myself instead of relying on social media for assistance,” said M. Kabilashen Readdyi from SMK Anderson to Ipoh Echo. The boy scored 9As in Sijil Persekolahan Menengah (SPM) Examination 2014. “Discipline is the key to my success. I go through my books at least five hours after school with an additional session that lasts till 11pm,” he added.

Norhafizie Hawari and his twin brother, Norhafizan, both from SMK Anderson, believe their success is the best gift they could ever give their parents. With 6As and 5As in hand, the twins were sure that their parents would be proud of them.

Nur Firzanah from Raja Perempuan Taayah believes that the Internet will distract students and prevent them from focusing on their studies. Scoring 12 straight As in her SPM, Firzanah was adjudged the school’s top SPM 2014 student.

“I don’t bother much about notifications and alerts on my email accounts. Instead, I focused on lessons taught in the classes and information gleaned during group discussions,” she told Ipoh Echo.

She thanked her teachers and friends for their guidance and inspiration. Firzanah had been to Fukuoka, Japan under the student exchange programme sponsored by Ipoh City Council last year. Her interest in geology is overwhelming. She plans to be an accomplished geologist one day.


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