Tower Block Development at Tambun

The owners and residents of the Permai Lake View low-cost housing development at Tambun, Ipoh (Permai) are in a quandary over a quick-paced construction activity taking place in a vacant adjoining land (the said land) purportedly for two residential tower blocks. The land being built on actually serves as a water area for Permai and also the neighbouring Haven Lakeside Residences.

The owners and residents of both these developments fear serious negative ramifications for their environment and buildings. The two serious concerns can be summarised as follows:

Land clearance, earthworks and drainage construction have commenced on the said land without notice and seemingly not in compliance with existing rules and regulations. There is no notice or consultation whatsoever from the authorities to the owners and residents affected.

Environmental impact reports done by two independent geophysical experts opined that the development (called the QUBE) project is being built on unsuitable land. The reports clearly warn of adverse effects on both the Permai Lake View Apartment and their neighbour, the Haven Lakeside Residences.

Development of the vacant land that is home to many varieties of plants, reptiles and birds. The sudden land clearance has resulted in deforestation of the area and the disappearance of these plants and habitat for these inhabitants. More importantly there are genuine fears the area will see serious flooding because of the loss of the retention ponds. The stealth with which the development was carried out has cast the activity in great doubt. There was no public advertisement or announcement of the project or consultation with affected owners and residents in the area. While work had begun some months ago in clearing the forests there never was any public display or sign on the said land. The Joint Management Committees of the Permai Lake View Apartment and the Haven Lakeside Residences have written to the proper departments and officials concerned. They have not received a single reply or response from them.

The QUBE project is developed by MB Incorporated, Perak and the MH Group. There are justifiable genuine concerns from the owners and residents of the neighbourhood with regard to the serious negative impact on the environment in the areas.

It may be opportune here to remember that the Malaysian weather bureau has recently given a warning forecast of heavier torrential rains and warmer temperatures in the country in the near future due to climate change and that the area has seen flash floods especially during heavy downpours.

We urge the Menteri Besar of Perak and the Datuk Bandar of Ipoh City to review the proposed project on the said land with the view of stopping it for the greater good of the people.

Said Bin Ahmad
Chairman for and on behalf of
Joint Management Committee Permai View Apartment

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