Heritage Trail Revisited

Historical sites, buildings and establishments are physically linked to our past. It is not about saving bricks and mortar but about preserving information about the current and the past for the future to see and reflect. A random survey reveals that Ipohites are generally not too keen on learning about the city’s heritage, as opposed to foreign visitors.

Realising the importance of heritage preservation, Ipoh City Watch (ICW) took the initiative by providing young Ipohites a glimpse of Ipoh’s past thus giving them a reason to love their city.  The non-governmental organisation conducted its very own heritage trail walk involving 50 students from Cosmopolitan College, Ipoh recently. The walk started at the Birch Memorial Tower, one of the historical spots along the heritage trail.

“We want to instil the sense of belonging among youths of Ipoh. They’re the future, the ones who’d tell the world what Ipoh is about,” said event organiser, Ram Naidu to Ipoh Echo.

The tour was also joined by a Canadian tourist who happened to be on a 8-week vacation in Malaysia. Ipoh was Stacey’s second destination after Kuala Lumpur. She was impressed by what Ipoh had to offer.

“Throughout my journey so far, the locals were very friendly and helpful. I haven’t faced any difficulties so far. The only problem I face is to decide what to eat,” exclaimed Stacey.

The 2-hour walk included a cursory visit to the cenotaph, Straits Trading Building and other 22 historical spots.

Before the tour began, Ram Naidu spoke on the importance of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to the participants. ICW is currently making attempts to educate the locals, especially school children, on the benefits of recycling trash.

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