Celebrating Sultan’s Coronation

On the coronation day of Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah on Wednesday, May 6, the Haven Resort at Tambun was abuzz with activities. The presence of police and the entourage of Royals and very important guests staying at the 5-star hotel, which has become an icon of Perak, were part of the celebrations in the enthronement of the 35th Sultan of Perak.

Early in the morning of the auspicious day, the Landscape and Maintenance staff of the Haven Lakeside Residence did something out of their routine. They gathered together and prayed in unison for the new Sultan and the Sultanah that they may enjoy long lives and a just and happy reign together in favour with God and men.

Not to be outdone, the management and staff of the Haven Resort took time off their duties and gathered in the resort’s garden to celebrate the occasion. In a joyous mood they proclaimed, “Daulat Tuanku” three times. The event was captured for posterity in a group photo.

Steve Oh


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