Astro, Please Terminate My Account

I have two Astro smart cards, one still under contract and one is an old smart card taken in 2012.

I have requested for termination of my old smart card. They told me to make full payment once the May bill arrives and I made a payment on May 7 (amount RM338.80) for both smart cards.

I have also requested on April 27 to downgrade my new smart-card package by removing the sports package and they said it would take immediate effect but I was still charged for May and now being charged for June.

I have spoken multiple times to Astro personnel and everyone gives me different information.

I receive my June bill and my old smartcard has yet to be terminated. The downgrading of sports package in my new smartcard was also not done. I have also told them I didn’t subscribe to Astro on Demand and yet they keep saying I am paying for it!

I am not paying for this June bill, as it doesn’t state the correct amount. I have been asking the personnel to give me a report number but they refused. They didn’t want to send an email with regards to my issues. They even refused to put me through to the manager.

Every time I call, there is a phone bill charge which is paid by me yet my problems have not been resolved even after over a month.  Astro is liable for my phone calls because nothing has been done in spite of many calls.

I would like Astro to send me an email on my report and give me the correct amount to pay in June, which is supposed to be only RM82.50. I am not paying a single cent without a black and white.

The public needs to know this and Astro should compensate me for all my calls made and the inconvenience caused. I would like to terminate my account once and for all. There is no professionally-trained personnel to manage customer issues.

A few hundred ringgit may be small for Astro but it is a lot for me.


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