Glimpse of Light for Boat People

I’m proud to be a Malaysian. Because our leaders especially our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has taken the initiative immediately to address the boat people issue on humanitarian grounds. This reflects on the whole that Malaysians have the heart to help others without looking into colour, creed or religion. A myriad KUDOS. Although the whole issue is not our problem yet we have our human obligations. As a fellow being we can’t afford to watch their suffering. On compassionate grounds it is our utmost duty to hold responsibility for the humanitarian crisis too.

The international group talking about human rights should come forward to solve the social problems. The UNHCR must play a vital role by looking at the boat people issue and find permanent solutions.

I request everyone who advocates human rights to think globally on the issue and act locally to put to an end to this social menace once and for all.

I hope our Prime Minister will set the ball rolling by showing the world that we Malaysians always ‘Walk the Talk’ in upholding the basic principle of human rights.

James Ratnam
President Love and Welfare Society Kinta

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