The Haven Launches Investigation

The Permai Lake View Apartment and The Haven Lakeside Residences investigated the cause of the browning of the water in the lake which occurred from late December 2013. The report confirmed that the probable cause of the discolouration of the water and poor quality was due to the construction activities at the land, Lot 29947.

The report states, “Our conclusion is that there is established the linkage of waterways beneath the surface of the construction site and that of The Haven and that hydrostatic pressure caused by construction activities, soil works, earth works, drainage and concrete structures into the ground, and such backflow or restraining the water flow below the ground, have contributed to the discolouration of the lake at The Haven site. This discolouration will likely cause other adverse effects on life matters in the lake.”

“The report from the geological survey has clearly shown that our lake water is being affected. The owners and developers of Permai Lake View Apartments as well as The Haven are very seriously looking into the possibility of taking action against the developers and the owner of the land because this is a very serious matter. It is going to affect The Haven which is a very important development in Ipoh,” said Steve Oh, Secretary of Joint Management Committee of The Haven Lakeside Residences.

“So what we want basically is the land to be restored to its original state. The government cannot allow this sort of thing because it creates uncertainty for developers, investors and others,” added Steve.


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