Beyond Limits

Just like a budding seed that is relentlessly growing to reach for the sky, Fairview International School Ipoh held its first ever Honours Day on Friday, June 19 at the Syeun Hotel Grand Ballroom. Standing firmly on the belief that learning has no limits, the event filled with glitter and grandeur, ran on the theme ‘Beyond Limits’.

Parents could be seen smiling affectionately at their children’s antics as the young ones were awarded in three categories: Exemplary Performances, Most Improved Award and Outstanding Performance Award. Subsequently, the sheer delight of being with their children were written on their faces as the talents of the students of 4 to 14 years of age unfolded.

The student representative, Woo Wai Kee from Grade 8, shared his experience of life in the school in his speech. “When we first came to this school, we felt that we have entered a new world beyond our imagination,” he said.

Professor R. Gopinathan, the Principal of Fairview Ipoh in his speech said, “Firstly, I must congratulate the parents of Ipoh.” He then went on to laud their unique character.

When asked on his opinion on what makes a good student, Dr Vincent Chian, the IB Diploma Programme Director explained to Ipoh Echo, “I believe in a concept called the self-regulated learner. That means that I can decide what I want to learn. I have the skills to learn what I want to learn. And I have the self-drive which I can create that drive without to be told.”

Meanwhile, Mr Daniel Chian, the Chairman of the Council of Governors, told Ipoh Echo, “What we hope to bring about is a difference in each and every kid with an ability to be self-reliant and independent. That they do something because they believe in doing it and they want to do it rather than being told. And that makes a lot of difference because a self-motivated child is far better than 100 hours of private tuition!”

Another highlight of the evening was the heart-warming moment which saw the children presenting gifts to the invited orphans from Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru, Ipoh. The school posted the wish list of these orphans at the school and the Fairview students, together with their parents, volunteered to grant the wish of their less fortunate peers.

Madam Leong, a beaming grandmother in the audience, who has two grandchildren, Danica and Avyrl studying in Fairview beginning this year, told Ipoh Echo, “Both of them learn a lot and are happy in Fairview. Plus the teachers are very caring!”

Indeed, it was a memorable evening for everyone.

Mei Kuan

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