Kareem’s Forte is Painting

Ipoh Echo’s personality for this issue is Kareem Kai, a talented painter who is currently residing in Ipoh. The odd thing about Kareem is he views the world by his own definition.

Growing up, Kareem’s parents exposed him to all things artistic: theatre, music, etc. and these have shaped and moulded him into what he is today.

“I love my parents very much. They opened many doors for me to explore, they didn’t shape but rather guided me to become who I am now,” said the affable and youngish twenty-something.

When asked about his inspiration, Kareem found it difficult to narrow it down but agreed that everyone and everything he encountered in his life had played a role in his adolescent world.

“I’ve a soft spot for history. It gave my art substance and flavours,” he insisted. Among his many art teachers, Kareem owed his father a debt of gratitude for teaching him the technical skills of painting.

Although reading and art helped him with ideas for upcoming pieces, every painter needs to know the art of painting, as it will widen the pool and that is what his father, who is also a painter, has guided him through.

After his first exhibition in 2012, Kareem is now on his way to his second which will be held, hopefully, next year. The second exhibition will be something which he has never done before. People of all backgrounds and social standing will be able to easily identify with the various themes depicted.

“I am determined to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy art. Paintings and sketches don’t belong to anyone. They should be enjoyed by all,” said the art teacher attached to the Sepaloh Art Centre, Ipoh.

Readers interested in knowing more about Kareem Kai and his works can join Kareem’s art class held periodically at the centre. You can also glean information from the centre’s Facebook page.

Ili Aqilah

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