Heal Yourself through the Power of Your Mind

“Too much information is confusing the people. We have 25 thoughts per minute. This can be reduced by meditation” were the opening remarks by Suraj Kumar during his talk on ‘Heal Yourself through the Power of Your Mind’ which was organised by Brahma Kumaris Ipoh. Kumar has been researching for the past 25 years on curing diseases through meditation and mastering the mind by conquering negative thoughts. He has been conducting classes on healing through the mind.

Kumar added that we must have a balance between mind, brain and intellect. Depression is a major problem now and many people are losing their happiness because of this. The mind must be empowered to make life happy. Modern education does not give attention to the mind. Meditation can enhance the mind. Diseases can be healed through a powerful mind.

Our intellect must be made divine by positive thoughts. Thoughts are energy and positive thoughts create positive energy. We make ourselves sick by the thoughts we think, and likewise, we heal ourselves by healthy and noble thoughts. We become what we think.

We must use the power of our subconscious mind at night and it is the best healer. Upon waking up we must lie in bed for about ten minutes and our first thought must be “I will enjoy everything, avoid expectation and appreciate what I am doing. If I keep having pure, positive thoughts and good wishes for myself and others, then I will be cared for, I will receive power and my mind will become strong and in this way I will help the body to heal.” We must let go of anger and our ego.

Kumar demonstrated a few simple exercises to cure knee, shoulder, back pain and also exercises that can keep us fit. There was a short meditation session.

Readers who want more information can call 05 547 6069.


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