Mother Seeks Funds for Ailing Daughter

Noor Azlina Abdullah could still recall how active her little girl was and the moment when the doctor broke the news about her illness.

Azlina’s daughter, Damia Irdina Shahril Haizal, 10, was diagnosed with bone cancer (stage one) early June this year. It saddens her to see Damia’s condition. And the fact she never complains is making Azlina feel guilty every day.

“Anyone who undergoes chemotherapy knows how painful it is, yet Damia never cries or says anything. She’s a strong child, therefore, I need to be stronger for her,” said Azlina to reporters who visited the family at their Medan Klebang Restu house recently.

Since being diagnosed two months ago, Damia has undergone three chemotherapy sessions which were very costly. Azlina is a full time housewife while her husband, Shahril Haizal Mohammad, is a construction worker. Damia has three other siblings aged 6, 5 and 2 years old.

“The doctor told us how serious Damia’s cancer is. Not only will it affect her lungs, the cancer cells are difficult to detect. She is in need of medical attention or we might lose her,” said the determined mother.

The family received RM44,000 from Baitulmal to pay the cost of implants and surgery but the family needs an additional RM160,000 to cover Damia’s medical bills for two years.

“We don’t earn much and thus couldn’t give Damia the help that she requires. I beg the public to help us in any way possible. Damia is a bright student, she deserves a future,” added Azlina.

One visitor, who is determined to help the poor child, was the head of the Barisan Nasional Service and Complaint Bureau, Mohd Rawi Abdullah, who said, “We’ll set up a special fund for Damia and get donations from all sources,” said Mohd Rawi to media representatives.

Readers wishing to donate can contact Noor Azlina at 013 598 2278 or deposit your money into her Maybank accounts 158202166499 and 158435109406 or Bank Islam account 08013023605763.

Rosli Mansor

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