Mior and Abu

Personalities for this  issue are two talented artists from Ipoh. Meet Mior Abdul Muneer Mior Muhammad and Abu Huzaifah Saharuddin who won the PopConAsia held in Jakarta recently.

The duo were competing in the Doodle Art Battle category where they were asked to complete two sets of theme-doodles within three minutes and were crowned as champion against other international contestants.

Graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in visual communication (Degree) and Visual Art (Master), 27-year-old  Mior was born and bred in Ipoh. He adored the work of Datuk Lat and Bruce Timm, an American character designer known for his work in DC Comics, in particular Batman, Mad Love And Other Stories.

“I admired the way Mr Timm used a simple yet detailed style when drawing characters in the comic. I grew up reading DC comics like Justice Leagues, Slash and Batman and have idolised him since then,” added Mior who thanked Abu for introducing him to the world of doodling.

“I am aware of the art of doodles but never dreamt to become an artist. It was when I met Abu last year, that brought me into this world and I owe him that,” said Mior who is currently working as a Strategic Planner at Destination Perak.

Abu Huzaifah on the other hand, graduated from Cosmopoint University College Ipoh in computer graphic design and has always had a soft spot for the world of art especially Japanese anime.

“I am a hardcore fan of manga and my favourite is Full metal Alchemist. There is something about Japanese artwork that intrigues me,” said Abu who also likes Eyeshield21, Powers, Cul de Sac, Regular Show and Gravity Falls.

Abu, 27, has been in the industry since 2006, thanks to strong support from his college friends. Abu has been working with Spacetoon, an international animation company and has done some freelance work with Kotak Box, a local comic web. Abu has been sketching since he was five years old and will continue to do so.

Interested readers can view Mior’s artwork at and Abu’s at

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