Mariaville Excursions

Mariaville Good Shepherd Kindergarten held an excursion for the 4 and 6 year olds in August and September.

The 6 year olds had an experience to remember at the Perak Turf Club Equestrian Centre. They were brought on a tour of the Turf Club and were educated on horses. The friendly staff showed the children how a horseshoe was attached to the horse. They were also educated on what gear were needed to ride a horse and the precautions needed. They too had a chance to feed the horses and sit in a carriage just like princes and princesses.

The 4 year olds got an opportunity to meet Cheese man at Pizza Hut, Gunung Rapat, behind closed doors for their safety. They were briefed on how to make a pizza and had hands-on experience to make their own pizza. The staff of Gunung Rapat had a fun time with the children, dancing to the ‘Chicken Dance’ and singing songs from the movie, Frozen. The children went back with souvenirs and their personalized pizzas.


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