WEIL Hotel Caters at Anning

WEIL Hotel celebrated the opening ceremony of the new library at Anning Old Folk’s Home and Orphanage with a delicious line-up of vegetarian delicacies.

The event was held as part of WEIL Hotel’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. WEIL Hotel’s Chinese restaurant Yuk Sou Hin prepared a delectable and healthy meal for the old folks, children and public who gathered to witness the event.

Mr Liew Yu-Wei, Executive Director, WEIL Resources Sdn Bhd said, “I am very proud and pleased to contribute to this meaningful event. We are also glad to see the opening of the new library which aims to provide new resources for its residents as well as the public in the nearby community. We believe the new books will supplement the orphan’s education. The new library has over 300 children’s books as well as some encyclopedias.”

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