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Foodlab.Ipoh and Gomok

By Ili Aqilah

One can’t simply deny the fact that Ipoh is heaven for food lovers. Especially for this year end issue, we bring you three upcoming eateries that will guarantee to satisfy your hunger. From unique western, fusion to Thai, get ready to spoil yourself with choices!


She used to be a journalist, a make-up artist and a photographer, but now Saidatul Emma is venturing into food with Foodlab Ipoh, a new upcoming  cafe that will guarantee to satisfy the cravings of those who love food.

Foodlab Ipoh started small, with only a few tables set together with a hair salon, but due to the massive support they received, Foodlab is now an established cafe located at Taman Cempaka. Using interesting names such as Burger Sarang (Burger with nest-shaped egg), Monkey Burger (Burger with homemade patties stacked with fries), Chicken Run ( Cajun Spiced Grilled Chicken Chop) and chef’s recommendation, ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’, a pair of crispy yet juicy meatballs served with fries at RM6.90.

Aside from the quirky fusion menu, the cafe also makes a selection of one-of-a-kind milkshakes. Instead of the regular milkshakes, customers will be amazed not only by the presentation but also the taste. Spoil yourself with 10 different milkshakes: Peanut Butter, Coffee Addicts, Uniqorn Poop, GreenTea Latte, Hazelnut Macchiato, Vanilla Snow, Oreo, Royal Caramel, Candy Club and recommended by the staff, Willy Wonka Choc. All milkshakes are priced at RM8 nett.

The cafe also provides lunch box deliveries where customers are welcome to try their Thai menu cooked by a Thai native. From Kau Pa Pau (Crab fried rice, RM12) to Kau Krengken Telee (Seafood fried rice, RM12). Foodlab Ipoh can’t wait to cater to foodies.

Foodlab Ipoh opens every day except Thursday from 4pm till 12midnight (weekends until 1am). For reservations and bookings contact Emma at 012 446 5714. For Thai-menu lunch box contact Siti Hajar (013 408 2827) and for western-lunch box, contact Yuya (011 2642 2120). Customers can also check out Foodlab Ipoh’s facebook page and instagram at @foodlab.ipoh for the latest updates on the cafe.


When Azim Azmi, Akmal Zharif and Mahadhir Mohamad decided to open a restaurant, they didn’t expect the crowd. Gomok, a restaurant built by the three childhood friends with no experience in the food and beverage industry, is slowly gaining its popularity among locals and tourists who crave indulging food in big-sized portions.

Gomok (which in Malay means fat) offers a range of unique western meals such as Duo Chicken: a combination of grilled chicken thigh and chicken escalope accompanied with potato cake and spinach cream at RM35; or Jumbo Fish & Chips, deep fried white fish fillet with seasonal crumbs with a side of highlander salad, golden fries and strawberry tartare sauce at RM30; and for steak lovers, Pure Black Angus Beef Steak, grilled sirloin topped with tablet cheese, with mushroom cappuccino, baby corn, tomato relish, purple mashed potato and truffle oil at RM61.

According to Mahadhir, the name Gomok was a nickname they used to call each other growing up because the boys shared a common interest of eating good food. Other than varieties of western food, customers are also encouraged to try Gomok’s unique snacks such as Gangnam Chicken, Korean deep fried chicken slices with potato wedges served with Karage sauce at RM14 and be sure to wash down your meal with Gomok’s wide range of drinks such as Gomok Cooler (RM7), Virgin Mojito (RM8), Virgin Pina Colada (RM8), Mango Tango (RM9) and many more.

Gomok also provides lunch box deliveries with 5 special menus as well as catering service. Opens every day except Tuesday from 5pm till 11.30pm, Azim recommends customers to call and make reservations. Call 05 241 3619 or 013 348 2636 for bookings and check out Gomok’s Facebook page, Gomok Ipoh or Instagram at @gomokipoh.

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