Car-free Day

Ipoh Car-Free Day, an event held every month beginning in October 2015, is aimed at encouraging people to move around the city without cars. The fourth car-free day on Sunday, January 31, along one half of Jalan Raja DiHilir (Tambun Road), received encouraging support from the public.

The first event for 2016 saw a lot more activities compared to previous. They included silat, busking, group aerobics and free dental examinations. Government departments, schools and hospitals had joined in by organising cultural dances, live band performances and health-screening.

Over 5000 people turned up for the fourth car-free day event to enjoy the ambience and the merriment. The primary objective of the programme is to turn Ipoh into a low-carbon emission city and to transform its inhabitants into a low-carbon community. It is also designed to encourage residents to practise a more active and healthy lifestyle in the absence of vehicular traffic.

The upcoming car-free day on February 28, according to Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man, will feature Chinese cultural performances, such as lion dances, to celebrate Chinese New Year.

“Our approach is to attract a wider cross-section of the public by organising fun-related activities and engaging them on issues such as non-car travel options,” he told reporters on conclusion of the 3-hour event.

Incidentally, Ipoh Car-Free Day is held every month on the last Sunday of the month.


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