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Kareem Encourages More Art

Art has been an important part of his life and now local artist Kareem wants to encourage more people to express themselves, and get in touch with their artistic side. A previous interview in Ipoh Echo (issue 217, August 1-15, 2015) lauded his talent in the fields of painting and drawing and now he is conducting art classes to give insight into the world of art.

“Aside from learning painting and drawing techniques, students will also be briefed on the history of art allowing them to get to know famous faces such as Leonardo Da Vincci to name a few,” said the young artist.

Students of his class will start off learning how to draw and paint still-life objects, figures, animals and also scenery before learning to compose their own masterpieces. The classes will be held from Friday to Sunday, with two separate sessions; noon till 3pm, and 3pm till 6pm. Personal classes are charged at a monthly rate of RM150 per person while group classes are charged at a monthly rate of RM100 per person with a maximum of five people per group. For more information, contact Kareem at 0143475004 or 05 241 7840.

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