Public Speaking for Tertiary Institutions in Perak 2016

The Sathya Sai Baba Centres of Perak Darul Ridzuan organised the 4th Annual Human Values Public Speaking Competition between students in tertiary institutions in Perak recently.

Eight Speakers from three tertiary institutions participated in the finals, held at Olympia College Auditorium, Ipoh and five judges from the Perak Toastmasters were the adjudicators.

The objectives of this annual competition are:

  • To enhance goodwill and understanding among youths of different racial and religious backgrounds and complement the government’s efforts to encourage the use of the English Language in our tertiary institutions.
  • To expose the youths, the future leaders of this country to the knowledge and practice of Universal Human values, in their daily life thereby boosting their personal and emotional well-being.
  • To help the youths in the development of the soft skills of diplomacy, public speaking and social etiquette which is vital for effective parliamentary debates, international relations and domestic harmony.
  • To encourage tertiary level students understand how the objectives of Malaysia’s Rukun Negara, viz.: Unity, Justice, Peace and progress can be achieved by the practice of Human Values at all levels of our Malaysian Society.

The three tertiary institutions that participated this year were, Sek. Men. Methodist (ACS) Ipoh Sixth Form, represented by Chin Jia En and Mark Kelvin Raj; Universiti Tengku Abdul Rahman Kampar (UTAR KAMPAR) represented by Tan Wee Ling and Chan Jeng Cheng; Quest International University Perak, represented by Kajel Kaur Gill and Randir Singh Gill.

For the Prepared Speech Contest, the six Speakers were judged on six different topics, and for the Impromptu Contest a common topic was given to all the participants.

The results of the prepared Speech Contest saw Best Speaker Tan Wee Ling (UTAR Kampar) winning the title with 1st Runner-up, Kajel Kaur Gill (Quest Intl. University Perak) and 2nd Runner-up: Chin Jia En (SMK Methodist ACS Kampar).

The Results of Impromptu Speech Contest were:

Best Speaker: Kajel Kaur Gill (Quest Intl. University Perak); 1st Runner-up: Tan Wee Ling (UTAR Kampar; 2nd Runner-up: Chin Jia En (SMK Methodist ACS Kampar).

Overall Competition Placing: Overall Champion Speaker: Kajel Kaur Gill (Quest Intl. University Perak); 1st Runner-up: Tan Wee Ling (UTAR Kampar); 2nd Runner-up: Chin Jia En (SMK Methodist ACS Kampar).

Winner of Challenge Trophy: Quest International University Perak.

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