Yuk Choy’s Award Day

Yuk Choy’s Award Day was held on Friday, April 29 at the school hall. The occasion was to acknowledge students who had obtained excellent results in their PT3 and SPM exams last year.

Awards for co-curricular activities were also given to students based on their performance. Among the awards were the Kinta District Badminton tournament for girls under 18 and drill competition.

Three students obtained 10As, while six got 9As in their PT3 examination. For SPM, four obtained 10As, three 9As and one 8As.

Choh Kah Wai who got 10As was adjudged the best SPM student of 2015. With a tally of six A+, three As and one A-, she was the toast of Yuk Choy School, Ipoh.

“My best tip to share with students sitting for their SPM this year is to revise your lessons calmly. Take time to listen to some music while revising and don’t stress,” said Choh, 18, to Ipoh Echo. “The only tuition I took was Chemistry, as it was the most challenging subject for me,” she remarked.

Unfortunately, her parents arrived only after she walked down from the stage. Nevertheless, they were overjoyed to know that she was a source of inspiration to other students. “Getting good results and walking up on stage was very exciting, I hope for nothing but the best for my future,” she added.

The awards were presented by the principal, Chan Hen Huan, Chairman for Board of Governors, Kwan Foh Kwai and the YDP PIBG, William Chan. Some other teachers, parents and students were in the hall to savour the joyous moment.


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