Ipoh City Council Round-up

Discount for Traffic Compounds

From Tuesday, June 28 till Thursday, June 30, this scribe visited the payment counters of Ipoh City Council to see and interview Ipohites who responded to the Council’s offer of a 60-percent discount for outstanding traffic compounds.

“The crowd this year isn’t as big as previous years. Today I only had around 70 people at my counter. I assume most of them have paid their compounds already,” said Raja Aziz who was on duty at the counter of the old office building along Jalan Bandar, Ipoh.

The situation was similar at the UTC Ipoh counters. Faridah and Yip Fong, who had only one traffic compound each said it was well worth it.

“I feel it’s beneficial, especially for those with many traffic compounds. They should take this opportunity to own up and pay up. My compound of RM40 is now RM16. It’s definitely worthwhile,” she exclaimed.

Cheng Choong Wong was at the counter of the Council’s main building in Greentown, Ipoh. He too had one traffic compound to settle. Cheng was appreciative of the Council’s offer.

“A total of 6381 traffic compounds were settled within the 3-day period. RM196,275.50 was collected,” said Syahrizal Azmi, the Council’s Public Relations Officer.

Full Board Meeting

The Council’s full-board meeting was held on Thursday, June 30 at the designated meeting hall at the Council’s main building. Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man stressed on the point of making Ipoh the most liveable city in the country.

“We’re planning to erect more lamp posts along the Kinta River, as the riverbanks look dull at night. I’m happy that the Council is taking extra efforts to maintain the general cleanliness of the city,” said Zamri.

Other plans included the lighting up of trees along the city’s streets.

“Some of the trees are over 30 years old. Lighting them with coloured lights will help transform the streets into a fairyland lookalike,” he enthused.

Upgrading “Gerbang Malam”

In anticipation of the upcoming Visit Perak Year 2017, Ipoh City Council has undertaken measures to upgrade Ipoh’s ubiquitous night cum flea market, “Gerbang Malam” located at Jalan Tahwil Azar. The new concept will incorporate a classic-themed ambience, as Ipoh is all about classic and heritage buildings.

On Tuesday, June 28, mayor Dato’ Zamri Man held a dialogue with traders of “Gerbang Malam” and shop owners at the temporary location along Jalan Tingkat Pasar, Hala Pasar Baru and Lintasan Pasar Baru, Ipoh. The dialogue took place at the Council’s main building in Greentown, Ipoh.

Public toilets, prayer rooms and an enhanced electricity supply are some of the amenities available for traders at the refurbished site. Upgrading works are scheduled to complete by early next year.

“I hope those involved will cooperate as we’re doing this for their best interest,” said Zamri.

Khaleeja Suhaimi

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