Wesley Church School Celebrates 54 Years

Wesley Church School (better known as WCK), one of the older educational  institutions in Ipoh,  celebrated her 54th anniversary recently with their 2016 Graduation & Thanksgiving Celebration in Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh, with a musical play “Honour Your Elders” followed by high tea.

Known for its affordable yet quality early childhood education WCK has kept its focus on keeping fees low while improving on quality. A measure of that is that in this year alone, four of their teachers graduated from the PTM (Persatuan Tadika Malaysia) course (a pre-school course accredited by the Jabatan Pendidikan Negara).

WCK is registered with Jabatan Pendidikan Negara (JPN), following the JPN syllabus and teaches preschoolers the 3Rs – Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic. The teaching-learning is in both English & Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese teachers are available to teach those children who want to learn the Chinese language.

What is different about WCK is their Sunbeam Programme where children are not just acquiring knowledge but Wisdom, Charity & Compassion, Kindness, the acronym for the name of the school.

Wisdom, Charity, Compassion and Kindness are all taught through stories and examples from the Bible and it is through these themed musical plays, that they hope to embed in the hearts and minds of these young children these good values to treat everybody especially the old in our society.

It is the hope of the school that these children who have been inculcated with these values will make a difference in the corner of the world where they are now and will be in the future. That this world will be a better place because children will grow in Wisdom, in Compassion and in Kindness.

Wesley Church School (WCK) is located at No. 121, Jalan Lahat, 30200 Ipoh, Tel. No.: 05 255 0167.

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