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Eyan’s Boutique Cafe

At only RM15 a meal, customers of Eyan’s Boutique Cafe can get a taste of not one but four different dishes served on a tray. Established early in 2016, the cafe is a labour of love between Norazian Hamid and her siblings. According to Norazian, although they have other menu items in the shop, customers seemed to like the tray set the most.

“In  the tray set, we have Chicken Chop, Meatballs, Bolognese Spaghetti and French Fries. We have received plenty of visitors and thanks to that, we are planning to expand the cafe where customers can dine-in comfortably,” said Norazian.

Aside from the tray set, the cafe is also known for their Chicken Chop Burger with Gravy (RM8), Chicken and Meatballs (RM6), Coloring Burger (served with either chicken or meat patties and eggs) together with Fries (RM5), Chicken Chop and Meatball Cheese (RM10), Meatball Spaghetti (RM6) and Chicken Chop (RM7).

Selling up to 100 trays a day, the cafe also provides delivery services around Chemor and Klebang. The cafe opens from Tuesday until Sunday from 12 noon to 10 pm and is located at 12A, Hala Chemor 1, Taman Chemor Mutiara, 31200 Chemor.

Readers can visit Eyan’s Boutique Cafe’s instagram or call 019 568 2156 for reservation.

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