Residents Up In Arms

Residents of housing estates near Batu Gajah are up in arms over a fly infestation, which they claim comes from poultry farms in the vicinity. The residents, numbering over 2000, have endured the inconvenience for the past three years. The insects have not only affected their lives but are also a health concern.

Efforts at eradicating the menace have been taken and that included filing complaints with the relevant authorities. Unfortunately, till today, no action has been forthcoming.

According to Mohd Rafi Aminuddin, 30, the farms are located less than 3km from his house in Kampung Batu 5. He set fly traps and used insecticides but to no avail.

“We’ve had this problem for almost three years now. Our daily activities, such as cooking, eating and sleeping are being affected. The situation worsens when the chickens are being brought out to be sold as the flies would follow the birds,” said Aminuddin.

“Apart from Kampung Batu 5, Kampung Tersusun Tekah, Kampung Seri Jaya and Kampung Pengkalan Baru are also affected by the problem,” Aminuddin insisted.

K. Selvam, 40, too voiced similar concerns.

According to Selvam, he and a few other residents had met the poultry farm owners but little came out from their meeting.

“The owners claimed that they had applied special medication to reduce the number of flies, but the measures taken are ineffective. There seemed to be more flies,” said Selvam.

Mashitah Aminuddin, 34, hoped the authorities would consider the matter seriously and take appropriate action against the errant owners.

“They should compel the owners to close the farms. We can’t take it any longer. The fact that we’ve to make several complaints regarding the problem is absurd. The authorities should not dismiss us,” said Mashitah.

Member of Parliament for Gopeng, Dr Lee Boon Chye, said he would investigate the matter soon. He would recommend that appropriate actions be taken against the owners if what was reported was true.

“Hopefully, the department of environment, the state health department and the local authority will respond accordingly,” said Dr Lee.

Rosli Mansor

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