Breach of Security at Retention Pond

retention pond in Merdeka Garden

retention pond in Merdeka GardenDuring my evening walks along Sungai Pari bund I pass by the retention pond in Merdeka Garden. There are sign boards saying “No entry, No Fishing and No Swimming”. This is a protected place with guardhouse and security. I noticed that an opening was made in the fence and two boys were fishing. The security guard came and sent them away. I was happy that the guard was doing his job.

On other occasions I have noticed youngsters fishing in front of the guard house and the guard did not take any action. On other occasions I have seen a family consisting of father, mother and children fishing. Motor cycles are driven into the area. I suspect this is from the opening in the fence next to the low-cost houses.

I am scared to take photos directly; afraid of being confronted. I took photos discreetly and they are not that clear.

I am not bothered whether people are fishing are not. My concern is if ordinary people can enter the enclosure so easily and the guards are not taking action, then what about thieves entering and stealing the expensive equipment. Why employ guards when they are not doing their job?

Must we wait for something to be stolen before tightening security?

Anyone walking along the bund during the evenings can see for themselves what is happening.

Concerned Passer-by

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