General Mas’od Bids Farewell

After serving over a year from September 2015, the Commander of the Ipoh-based 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Dato’ Mas’od bin Hj Muhammad handed over duties to newly-promoted Brigadier-General Datuk Mohd Nizam bin Hj Jaffar.

The handing-over ceremony was held on the parade grounds of Headquarters 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade along Jalan Hospital, Ipoh on Saturday, February 25. There to witness the handing over of duty was Major-General Dato’ Mohd Ramli bin Jaafar, General Officer Commanding 2nd Malaysian Infantry Division.

“I’m feeling rather good today. I’m being posted to Port Dickson as Commandant of the Army Training Academy effective March 3,” said Mas’od to Ipoh Echo.

Brigadier-General Dato’ Mas’od bin Hj Muhammad

Touching on his high points while in command of the brigade, he said, “The best was we’re runner-up in the Army Combat Readiness Competition 2016. Second Brigade, represented by men from the 23rd Royal Malay Regiment, took third spot in the Army Infantry Section Proficiency Test 2016. The same battalion took part in a field exercise with units from the Royal Thai Army in southern Thailand. The objectives of the joint exercise were met.”

When asked if he had achieved whatever he had planned for when he took over, he stated, “I’d gladly say yes, within the short term, of course. But there’s room for improvement.

“The new commander may have his own way of doing things in line with the requirements of the army. He is a seasoned officer, I know him very well. He’s young and brilliant,” he added.

Brigadier-General Dato’ Mas’od bin Hj Muhammad

The farewell parade started off with an honour guard mounted by 18 Officers and 211 Other Ranks forming five detachments, one each from 23rd Royal Malay Regiment, 2nd Royal Ranger Regiment, 9th Royal Ranger Regiment and two other ancillary units under the brigade’s command. This was followed by the signing of the handing-and-taking-over document, the handing over of the baton of command and three shouts of the army war cry, “Gempur Wira”.

The affable commander did away with the traditional send-off routine of riding on an open land rover and being pulled by his officers and men. Instead, he walked and greeted the soldiers who were lining the road leading to the guardroom. Even a slight drizzle did not dampen his enthusiasm.

“I’ve nothing but praise for my men. They’ve performed extremely well and I never, for once, doubted their loyalty. The relationship between the brigade and state agencies was superb. These are some of the fondest memories I’ll bring with me to Port Dickson,” the outgoing commander concluded.

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