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Baraka Blue Visited Ipoh

Ipoh Echo had the exclusive opportunity to meet Baraka Blue; a US-born rapper and poet based in Oakland who has performed in North America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. Baraka was in town as part of his 11-day tour in Malaysia where he not only discussed poetry writing but also performed in various stages during his tour.

Like many other visitors, Baraka, or his real name Ahmad James, couldn’t help but fall in love with Malaysia. In fact, this is his third time visiting Malaysia and it seems like he will keep on coming back.

“The art and literature scene in Malaysia has definitely changed over the years. It has been a big privilege for me to not only witness the changes but also to be part of the community,” said Baraka who has worked before with several talented performers in Malaysia including rapper Altimet, Andy from Flop Poppy and producer Farahin Abdul Fatah.

During the Baraka Blue Malaysia Tour 2017: Ancestors of The Future, Baraka and his team were in Malaysia from March 30 till April 4. He started the tour in Penang where he held a mini poetry workshop at LUMA Georgetown. While in Ipoh, Baraka spent his three-day visit doing poetry readings and poetry workshops held at Rumah Khizanat and he took the stage at the second Tempatan Fest held at MBI Square on April 1.

While he has done so well with his collective poetry readings, Baraka is already missing his days as a rapper who raps about spirituality, connections between souls and about faith.

“I am planning to visit Indonesia for a chance to rekindle my soul and my heart. I want to do more writing and perhaps go back to my roots, rapping,” added Baraka Blue.

Baraka’s tour continued to Kuala Lumpur where he had a special talk and poetry readings, poetry workshop and attended the Humanity Poetry Night at IIUM Gombak on April 4. We hope to see more of Baraka Blue again in Ipoh soon!

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