Live-firing Practices

The 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade organised a goodwill programme with the media featuring live-firing practices on Tuesday, April 25 at the Camp Syed Putra rifle range located below the iconic Gunung Panjang.

Attended by over 30 members of the media, everyone received a goody bag containing a brown camouflage T-shirt and a military bulletin each.

“This being my first programme after taking command of the brigade in February, I am honoured by the turnout. We’ll make it a memorable occasion. Perhaps next year we can organise ‘A Day with 2nd Infantry Brigade’. Programmes can be jointly organised, as our way of reaching out to the people,” said Brig-Gen Datuk Mohd Nizam bin Hj Jaffar, the brigade commander.

“Even though we’ve been here for quite some time but we seem to be on our own. It’s time for us to reach out to you guys. We can meet at a common point which will be beneficial for both of us. Today, we’ll share the experience of using our firearms,” the 51-year-old brigadier added.

“For your information, our ongoing community programmes include repairing dilapidated homes, offering free health checks for rural residents, assisting governmental agencies in flood relief operations and conducting search and rescue,” he remarked.

Army Humvees and snipers in ghillie suits in action during the opening gimmick became instant favourites for Instagram-worthy selfies. The army battle cry was equally admirable.

Live-firing Practices, army

Participants got the opportunity to handle and fire the American-made Colt M4 5.56mm Carbine, a standard-issue assault rifle currently in use by the Malaysian Armed Forces. The live-firing practices began with snap shooting of 11/59 targets at a distance of a hundred metres within one minute. This was followed by falling plate and balloon shooting competitions.

Ipoh Echo’s team of soldier-wannabes, Emily, Leanne, Luqman, Mei Kuan, Nabilah, Ong and Rosli took up the challenge firing on cue from a prone position. Their luck was mixed. However, Emily and Luqman were part of the winning falling plate team. They won a hamper for their stellar effort in shooting down all upright plates within the shortest time possible.

The morning outing ended with a game of Frisbee and a guided tour of the camp’s survival village located nearby. Drinks and food, consisting mainly of army composite rations, were eagerly consumed by the hungry participants.

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