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Garvy’s: Where Creativity meets Classical French Cuisine.

When one thinks of classic French cuisine, drool worthy visions of velvety melt-in-mouth Foie Gras, gossamer light Souffles, Coq Au Vin and assorted cheeses come to mind. While classical French food can stand alone anywhere in the world, what happens when you mix French food techniques with local flavors?


French cuisine is gradually gaining popularity in Malaysia, especially in Ipoh, the city that is known as a foodie paradise. With more and more local cafes and restaurants serving ‘French’ dishes and desserts, how can one  tell that the French food you are tasting is the real deal?

Located at Jalan Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Garvy’s In The Park: French Dining, is the place to satisfy your French food cravings.Thanks to their newly improved menu that is mixing the best of both worlds, we can now truly experience the best French dining with a taste of Malaysian flavor. Garvy’s appointed chef, Raimbault Yann, is bringing fine french dining to new heights,

 “In Garvy’s, not only do we serve classic good french cuisine, but we also have dishes  using French techniques with local ingredients and taste. The experience I have  working with local chefs is definitely being used in creating Garvy’s menu,” said Chef  Yann.

While classic Foie Gras is a standard in French restaurants, Yann and his team are opting for something different. In Garvy’s, get ready to try the Five Spices Foie Gras, where pan-seared Foie Gras is served with sweet, sauteed apple Rendang sauce. Using the classic French techniques he learned, Yann’s signature dish is definitely a must-try in Garvy’s. Another French Malaysian fusion dish available at Garvy’s is Black Lamb ‘Masak Hitam’, where guests will get to enjoy slow cooked lamb with pumpkin puree, grilled Ratatouille and lamb juice reduction.

“If I could recommend a favourite dish, it would definitely be the Five Spices Foie Gras. This is my baby that I’ve created with love and also Garvy’s Steak Frites.

If you fancy a true French meal instead? Then  Garvy’s signature Steak Frites is for you. This is the classic steak and french fries which we’ve  turned it into a fine dining item with our special touches,” added Yann.

Guests will get a choice of Wagyu (Marble 7) or grass-fed Angus, served with potatoes trio, garden vegetables and a Porto reduction sauce. Another true French meal available at Garvy’s is Escargots Profiteroles served with garlic cream and parsley coulis, perfect  as a starter.

For desserts, Garvy’s has  a  selection but Chef Yann  recommends  guests to try the Three Layers Creme Brulee, where he combined  Pandan and Green Bean Creme Brulee with Gula Melaka ice cream and coconut Navarin. This delectable concoction is going to set a new definition of desserts and have guests clamouring for more.


Sourced from France and created with love, Garvy’s In The Park: French Dining is definitely a place to go for delicious and fine French dining. With its fresh menu, guests can expect more than just a dining experience. They are about to embark on a French gastronomic adventure.

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