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Three panelists spoke at the May edition of Sharpened Word held on Saturday, May 20 at the Old Andersonians’ Club. They were Lusy Koror, KY Chin and Kareem.

Born in Britain, Lusy Koror has been in Malaysia for the past three years. She teaches art at the Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang.

According to Lusy, art has transformed from passive admiration to interaction between artists and audience.

“Art can link the artist and the audience. Nowadays, people don’t just adore arts they see, but establish a connection between the artist and the audience,” she remarked.

Lusy managed to, skilfully, give her audience a basic drawing lesson by using alphabets. The interactive presentation allowed the audience to draw a face by just using alphabets.

KY Chin, or Chin Kok Yan is a co-founder of Urban Sketchers (Ipoh Chapter), a group of people who prefer to sketch on the streets or anywhere else to document their lives. Inspired by Urban Sketchers Penang, the Ipoh chapter started their artistic journey in 2016. To date, Chin has written a sketchbook for his personal expressions, and is evolving some artworks that are uniquely his.

Sharpened Word - Lusy Koror, KY Chin and Kareem

Chin related his reasons for sketching and its relevance to the nation and his beloved city, Ipoh.

“When I started sketching, I began to realise that I appreciated Ipoh’s historical buildings more than I ever did before. Sketching allows me to explore every part of the building’s structure, which I’ll never notice by taking pictures.

“I found that no one in Ipoh appreciates these buildings, therefore, I want to do this for future generations,” he said.

He insisted that there are no barriers in sketching. Hence all, regardless of age and ethnicity, are welcomed to join the group.

“Don’t worry about getting a perfect drawing. Just draw for fun’s sake and enjoy the process. Practice makes perfect. Over time, your strokes will improve,” he said.

Ipoh born Kareem is a 22-year-old artist. He has been studying Western painting and Chinese brush painting for well over a decade.

Kareem had his first solo exhibition entitled, “The World through My Eyes” when he was 18. Kareem said that art is important in our everyday life, although few realise it.

“Why is art important when there are more pressing matters to consider such as global warming, our current economic situation and how much money we need to make in order to survive?

“But art is important in our everyday life, as it exists on our clothes and the buildings we pass by every day. Art is around us all day, but we take it for granted. From art it branches to music, songs and movies,” he theorised.

Kareem told the 50-odd audience to try drawing or anything related to art at home.

“Remember, there’s a beginning to everything. You might come to enjoy what you start today,” he concluded.

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