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SCW Cakes“Disability isn’t a hindrance, but a blessing to drive us to work harder to succeed,” said owner of SCW Cakes, who has been suffering from scoliosis and Tarlov cysts since 2012.

Hailing from Ipoh, Syuhaida Che Wai, owner and founder of SCW Cakes, a cake-making service, said that people should never let their disabilities stop them from fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

“To the disabled community out there, you shouldn’t wallow in self-pity, but rather treat your disabilities as a motivation to press on.

“I’ve proven that all a business takes to succeed is honesty and perseverance. My cake-making business is almost into its seventh year and is still expanding,” the 23-year-old insisted.

SCW Cakes
SCW Cakes

According to Syuhaida, she began her business from home in 2010 with a working capital of RM100 only.

“We didn’t buy extra kitchenware but made full use of what we already have in the kitchen then,” she said.

Photos of Syuhaida’s homemade cakes can be viewed on SCW Cakes’ Facebook page ( and Instagram ( From cartoon-themed birthday cakes to multi-tiered wedding cakes costing up to hundreds of ringgit, one cannot help but be captivated by her creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

SCW Cakes
SCW Cakes

Having had an interest in cake-making since young, the Ipoh-born girl counts herself fortunate to have two very supportive parents, Che Wai Abbas and Rosiah Mat Saad.

Syuhaida claims that one of the toughest challenges faced in her career is the scorching hot weather, as cake icing and fondant can easily melt under high temperatures.

Apart from that, Syuhaida faced stiff competition from others in her line of business in the beginning.

“Once I was cheated by a client who gave me counterfeit money. But I treated it as a test from the Almighty.

“In times of difficulties, I keep my faith in God and cherish the unwavering support by my friends and family. This keeps me going,” Syuhaida remarked.

SCW Cakes operates daily. For further information, readers can visit SCW Cakes’ Facebook page or Instagram, or call Syuhaida personally at 014 948 7505.

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SCW Cakes

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