Living in Fear

For the past three years Wong Fook Wei has experienced many sleepless nights, fearing the sounds of smashing steel and concrete outside of his house. As a final resort, he parked his old car in front of his gate to act as a barrier.

The 50-year-old trader’s house in Jalan Kledang, Menglembu has been rammed countless times by speeding cars. It happens normally between 1am and 4am in the morning.

“Most of the drivers were drunk. After knocking my wall they would simply drive off without even coming down to look. A few happened in broad daylight. One elderly woman driver fainted after ramming my wall. It must be the shock,” said Wong who has been staying in the house for over 30 years with his mother and siblings.

Wong said the remorseful ones would pay for their mistakes while the irresponsible ones would leave without even saying sorry. When that happens he has to bear the cost of repairing the damaged wall and gate.

“I had to park my old car in front of the gate to warn drivers to slow down when taking the corner. But instead of slowing down one driver knocked into the car instead.

“Had I not done so I’d have to repair the gate and the wall once more,” said Wong. The incident happened on Saturday, November 11 around 1.30am.

His neighbours are beginning to fear for their safety too, as speeding cars can veer off track and hit their houses as well. Wong raised the matter with Ipoh City Council two years ago but no action was forthcoming. He has made four reports so far.

“They promised to build a speed hump and erect signage to warn motorists but nothing has materialised,” he said.

Wong has spent a lot repairing his gate and wall. But that is not the issue. His concern is his safety and that of his family.

“I can’t sleep at night worrying about this. In fact, my health is being affected because of this,” he told Ipoh Echo when met at his house recently.

Upon checking with Ipoh City Council, we were told that a speed hump would be built in early December.

Nabilah Hamudin

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