Family Safety Workshop

In conjunction with National Family Month in November, Family Wellness Club organised a workshop on Saturday, November 25. The workshop, conducted by crime safety specialist, Shamir Rajadurai, focused on crime prevention. It was held at the Old Andersonians Club, Ipoh.

The event was officiated by Chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (Perak), Dato’ Abd Wahab Dato’ Seri Azizul Hassan. In attendance were police officers and members of non-governmental organisations. The subject discussed pertained to common crimes such as snatch theft, car-jacking and break-in.

Shamir described the modus operandi and ways to overcome them. In carjacking the culprit will deliberately bump the rear of your car. What you need to do is to stop at the roadside with your engine running. Do not get down. Note down the car’s number plate and proceed to the nearest police station. You only discuss matters in the presence of the police and not on your own.

If you notice someone throwing something at your windscreen, you are the target of carjacking. Do not activate the wiper, just continue driving. Make a police report if your number plates go missing. This is to prevent undesirable elements from using them to commit crimes.

“Most people aren’t aware that when you’re stopped by someone claiming to be a police officer, you’ve the right to ask for his authorisation card. If he refuses to show, you’ve the right to drive off or record it,” said Shamir on bogus police officers.

The reason why mobile phones are not allowed in banks, especially during ATM transactions, is because there have been cases where criminals take photos of victims and the amount of money withdrawn so they can follow-up on their targets.

On banking scams he has this to say. “Remember, a bank will never call and ask for your card details. A real bank website will have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) bar in green at the top left side of the link.

“During festive seasons or if you are leaving the house for a holiday, head to the nearest police station and make your intention known. The police will include your house in their patrol route.

“Having a dog or a goose at home is the best form of security, as dogs and geese only recognise their owners. If you happen to witness a crime, remember the details. Recording with your mobile phone is advisable.”

According to Shamir, housing areas with the lowest crime rates are ones with good neighbourhood relationship. Thus, getting to know your neighbours and building genuine friendship is desirous.

“Shamir makes it so simple yet informative. There wasn’t any jargon that was confusing for the audience to understand. Using visual aids is most effective. Overall, it’s an eye opener,” said P. Mangaleswary, President of Family Wellness Club.

Readers can call Bukit Aman hotline at 03 2266 3333 to make a report or call Shamir himself at 014 905 3442.


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