Hector’s Christmas Tree Continues to Shine

In December 2009 (issue 88), we ran a story about Hector’s Christmas tree. After eight years, the tree continues to be a symbol of Christmas along Jalan Perajurit, Ipoh Garden East.

“My family and I love Christmas and as part of our yearly Christmas preparation, we have been decorating this Christmas tree that we have had for years now,” said Hector Netto.

“Initially, it was decorated for our family, and also friends,


to enjoy whenever they visit us during the festive period. However, over the years, we have come to learn that this lighted Christmas tree is also enjoyed by people in and around our neighbourhood. Because of where its placed, it is in clear view for all to see, be it on foot or driving past,” added Hector.

Over the years, Hector and his wife Juliet have received anonymous Christmas cards, thanking them for decorating the tree and telling them how much they enjoyed seeing it.

“My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have taken the time to send us such lovely cards and messages, which we truly appreciate. Now, this Christmas tree is not just for our family, but it’s for everyone. We want to share the festive spirit, joy and love with all.”

If you are driving along Jalan Perajurit at night, look out for Hector’s beautifully lit Christmas tree.

May you continue your Christmas tradition for many years to come, Hector. Merry Christmas!


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