Tambun Residents’ Landslide Worry

Residents of Panorama Tambun Perdana (The Dales) urge the irresponsible individuals to stop the land clearing activities on the foothill of Gunung Panjang, which is next to their homes.

Speaking to reporters, Wong Pek Yin, 51, who represents the residents here, said any development less than 100m from the residential area is very risky and can cause death.

“It may trigger a rockfall, landslide and flash flood because of the close proximity of the housing area to the limestone hill,” she said.

According to Wong, the contractor who cleared the land told the residents that he has a joint venture with the owner of the land to start a durian plantation.

“The contractor told us that he had asked permission from the Perak Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs Council who owns a Muslim Cemetery Reserve on the hill, to clear the land in 2011.

“However, the cemetery reserve is located far above the hill. The place they are clearing now is one of the Ipoh City Council’s recreational area. They started to do the clearing activities on November 17,” Wong told a press conference on Saturday, December 2.

According to Wong, Perak Minerals and Geoscience Department has certified that the hill is sensitive to any physical disturbances due to colluvial deposits, which consist of soil and limestone.

Another resident, Ricky Song, 43, said it is good to prevent any cases of landslides from occurring before it is too late.

“Previously, we have seen many cases of landslides in other states. Thus, it’s better to prevent it,” he said.

Rosli Mansor

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