Completion of Fishery Course

The closing ceremony of the Perak Fishery Department In Situ Freshwater Fish Management Course was held on Wednesday, February 21 at the Kampung Ulu Chepor Community Hall.

This closing ceremony was graced by Dato’ Dr Zabri bin Abdul Wahid, the state assemblyman for Trong.

Perak produced over 40,000 metric tonnes of fish from aquaculture farms annually. This was revealed by Zabri in his opening speech. The function continued with the presentation of certificates of participation and appreciation to the course participants.

Assistance in the form of fish pallets worth RM57,000 was given to 57 people in the Kinta District. Dubbed “Touch Point Aid 2017,” over 600 people from Perak had benefited from the aid.

As a fitting finale, 50,000 ikan lampam, a freshwater fish, were released into the waters of the Ulu Chepor River.

Hopefully, there will be more programmes of this kind in the future. Not only does it benefit fish farmers, it will also benefit the ecosystem in the long run. This is one way to prevent rivers from ‘dying’ in the state.

The trained fish farm operators could in return provide job opportunities for Perakeans and help improve the state’s economy.

Amy Chan

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