Gua Tempurung Prayer Room – Part 2

Thumbs Down

By Ili Aqilah

A year ago, we paid a visit to the Gua Tempurung prayer room and was shocked to see its condition. A year has passed by, has the management taken any action?

Not really, although there is a slight improvement, the condition has not changed much. While the curtain has been replaced by a wooden blind, the room is still in need of repairs. Not only are the female prayer attires (telekong) dirty and smelly, the carpet is damp and it smells. The ablution room is filled with dirt and grime.

Although Visit Perak Year 2017 ended last year, Gua Tempurung is still a favourite with visitors, offering adventurous caving experiences for adrenaline junkies and more.

We called Tourism Perak after our visit. According to the officer, Gua Tempurung is not their responsibility. It has its own board members who are responsible for the cleanliness of the place. We called tour agents who organise trips to Gua Tempurung and according to them, the issue was raised more than a year ago.

“Many are aware about the condition of the prayer room in Gua Tempurung. Visitors had expressed their disappointment with the room,” said an agent.

There is no response from the Gua Tempurung management. We asked the Kampar District Office for details regarding the responsible party. Unfortunately, the district office has none.

Perhaps Tourism Perak and the Kampar District Office should consider taking over, as complaints are piling up. The lackadaisical attitude of the management does not bode well for the well being of iconic Gua Tempurung, per se.

The toilets, however, are clean. There are racks in each cubicle while plastic disposal bags are provided for sanitary pads in the lady tollets. This is commendable.

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