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The Haven is renowned in Ipoh and it has been proven time and again what creativity and hard work can achieve. This is by no means an ordinary feat for any ordinary person from a medium-sized company located in a relatively quiet town better known for its food.

The Haven is a group that is acknowledged and honoured with a history of 46 accolades bestowed by local, national and international organisations to date. At The Brandlaureate SMEs Best Brands Awards 2017-2018 held on February 8, The Haven and its CEO, Peter Chan, walked away with two top awards.

This time around, The Haven received the ‘Brand of the Year Award’ while Peter Chan received the ‘Man of the Year Award’. This is not the first time he has been recognised as an innovative, creative and outstanding leader. In 2013, he received ‘The Property Man of the Year’ given by the Malaysia Property Press Awards.

The ‘Brand of the Year Award’ was given to The Haven for two reasons. The first is being able to attract local Malaysian tourists to Ipoh. When thinking of a resort for relaxation and holiday, many locals will think of other notable spots. Most Malaysians do not consider Ipoh as being promotable. However, Ipoh today is on par with other major tourist hotspots such as Penang. This is due to the untiring efforts made by The Haven.

The second reason is how The Haven has attracted foreign tourists of 45 different nationalities to come to Ipoh. Though most are Singaporeans, the nationalities are spread out to countries such as New Zealand and those in the Middle East. The Haven is a favourite haunt for tourists from Singapore and the Middle East because of the halal food being served. Asian tourists are not throwing in the towel as citizens of China and Hong Kong, to name two, are flocking to Ipoh in droves to enjoy what The Haven has to offer. Not the ordinary fare as expected by tourists but to experience and enjoy something new and unexpected.

“I started with nothing. Many people doubted me but I managed to beat the odds. When you embark on something, you continue. Persevere until you have achieved what you want,” Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven, responded when asked about how he felt after receiving the ‘Man of the Year Award’. He and The Haven had faced numerous obstacles, but with perseverance with the goal to create an iconic, world-class family resort in Ipoh, he has finally succeeded where none dares to tread.

The awards received were very much appreciated by one and all. With this in mind, new ideas have to be projected. One of these is that The Haven has plans for projects in foreign shores. Such undertakings will not only help promote his home base Ipoh in a positive way but the country as a whole.

Because of his achievements and sterling performance in Ipoh, it has caught the attention of the Salim Group from Indonesia. Peter Chan has been invited to develop similar facilities on Lagoi Bay, Bintan Island in Indonesia. This fast-developing island is off the Republic of Singapore. This is to create an alternative tourist destination to enjoy a different environment in comparison to the concrete jungle. Eco-tourism is a part of The Haven on Bintan Island. Fresh air and sunshine will be the theme.

The Haven, Lagoi Bay Bintan has begun impressively at the site where the 18,000 square feet show gallery has been completed. The Malaysian flag has been firmly implanted in this showpiece and those in Ipoh will find it to their benefit to assist and promote The Haven, Lagoi Bay Bintan internationally.

The future augurs well for this project by The Haven. It will be another feather in Peter Chan’s cap. With his Midas touch, his Bintan Island project will enjoy equal success as the one in Ipoh.

Amy Chan

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